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some thing i have to turn in to chemistry

Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:17 pm
Edited on: February 3, 2010 8:09 am
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Going along with what other people are doing is conformity. So when Brian, the nerdy kid that is pretty much crying about seeing

the bag of ganja that Bender has, decides to smoke it with him, is really ironic and conforming. Of course he just wants to do what the rest of the group

is doing, which is a perfect example of conformity.

The Breakfast club is a movie that has lots of examples of conformity in it, some hidden and some very obvious. When Andy is talking about all the pressure by his parents for him to excel in sports and be the best kid ever is a prime example. Claire has to listen to her friends in order for her to maintain her status, and the other girl Allison has to lie to get attention on herself because nobody cares about her. They each are in their own clique, and conform to how the clique would work. They even tell each other that if faced with seeing each other at school, that they would not talk to each other and they would just blow each other off. It is really unique how much people do anything just to fit in with the group. Another example is when Claire finally makes Allison look pretty good looking. Allison goes along with it because Claire is so popular and she is like the most popular girl in school. One more example is when Brian decides to do all the homework for the rest of the delinquents. It is because he is the smartest one of the group, so he believes in his brain that it is his natural right to write the paper.

Myself personally does not believe that I conform to what other people think or do. All the things I do is a result of my brain, but heck I could be wrong and not know it. I guess I do all the regular stuff that other people do, like take a shower, brush my teeth, put on clean clothes, but I was instilled that at birth, so I didn't really have any chance to do what I wanted. Im not rich, so I never bought all the expensive clothes, like the cool kids did growing up through school. Come to think of it though, I do conform because I do what people do not want me to do, just to paint a bad image, therefore in essence I am really conforming. It is a crazy thing, but everyone in the world conforms to something, and it is what keeps the world moving. It is not even a bad thing, and I think that some people associate conformity with having a negative connotation, and that is not true at all.

To wrap things up, yes everyone in the world in someway really conforms to someone or an ideal. It is just how things work in the world, one of those things that you cannot really explain, but it just happens. The Breakfast Club is no different in that, and it is a great movie at that.

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